Media Placement

When you’re set up in your new market, sometimes it’s hard to get attention. You call news outlets and get sent to voicemail. Your cold pitches get rejected. Well, that’s not a problem when you have Brand Growth Solutions! BGS has contacts in many mainstream global media companies. Let us be your PR agent, get you some major news attention, and get your brand more customers and credibility.

Our Media Presence

We have several contacts in mainstream media companies and well-known PR agencies. We’ll reach out to them on your behalf. If your brand is connected to us, our contacts will take an interest in it. No need for cold pitching, endless rejection letters, or hiring your own PR agent. Leave it all to us; we’ve got you covered.

Your Brand in the News

How do brands get featured on top news sites? Look no further than BGS’s Media Placement service! We can offer you and your brand prime-positioned articles in some of the biggest media networks in the world. Social Proof has been proven to increase conversions by up to 40%, which is an incredible return on investment.

Media and Your Goals

When customers see your brand name in the news, they remember it. This makes them more likely to seek it out, or to buy it when they see it. This helps your bottom line and your KPI’s and makes it easier to achieve the goals we set together.


The team at brand growth solutions is here to help. Contact us today for a free, no obligations discussion about your brand.