Distributor/Partner Search

Any company, no matter how well-established or experienced, may need help when entering a new market. With partners across 30 countries, Brand Growth Solutions is here to provide that help. Our partners know the area, the culture, and even the language of your new market. They’ll provide valuable insights and the best support available.

How we Find your Partners?

There are several steps we take to find suitable partners for your company.

1: We draft a short market verification report in which we estimate market size, show your main competition, and list the most important distribution channels that you can use.

2: Together with you we decide on the right approach and on the distribution channels that you want to focus on. We pay a lot of attention to your profiling in this market.

3: We make a long list with potential partners or clients. We approach these companies to see whether they are interested in working with you. We report on all contacts and responses.

4: In general, this leads to two or three suitable and interested companies. We will set up a first call or meeting between you and these companies. You can take it from there, or we can assist you further.

BGS as Your Agent or Representative

We can be your agent in your new market. There are a lot of activities we can help with. For instance, we can help with the negotiation process, fine-tuning the contract until it’s signed, and the first order is placed. We can also do store checks, managing your distributors and making sure your product is exposed and selling. We can even develop and coordinate a marketing plan, to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Save Money with Brand Growth Solutions

Having us join your team part-time, on a short-term basis, is much more cost-efficient than hiring the old-fashioned way. There’s no need to buy or rent an office abroad and hire people to fill it; we’re working right by your side from day 1. Since we already know what we’re doing, there aren’t any hidden costs, either.


The team at brand growth solutions is here to help. Contact us today for a free, no obligations discussion about your brand.